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Welcome to Marianna Ave. Elementary. Our priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and community. We strive for academic excellence by providing research-based and innovative teaching practices for student learning.

News & Announcements

Become A Region East Ambassador!

Become a Regional Ambassador!

The Los Angeles Unified Region Ambassadors will be valuable advocates that inform their school communities about District services and resources. All families and community are invited to attend and learn how Los Angeles Unified is preparing students to be ready for the world.
What's for Lunch?

Whats for Lunch?

Here you can check out what our Marianna Bears are eating for lunch!
LAUSD tutoring program

Tutoring Programs

Los Angeles Unified offers various tutoring options to students who need additional support in literacy and math.
Come to school everyday during the week and we will enter you in a weekly raffle!

Attendance Matters

Come to school everyday during the week and we will enter you in a weekly raffle!
LAUSD Family Webinars

LAUSD Family Webinars

Please join the family webinars provided by our districts.
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Password: 895 5755 5227



Our Mission

The Mission of Marianna Avenue Elementary School is to provide all students with a challenging, quality education that fosters cultural awareness and promotes high standards of academic achievement for life-long learning. All students will achieve grade-level mastery of common core standards as measured by SBA, ELPAC, CAST, and DIBELS assessments.